ETKO has been established in 1996 as a local certification body having the head office in Izmir and internationally provides inspection and certification services inspired by the idea to create local certification bodies of every country supported by the leading organizations in organic sector. The other countries where it has been operating are the following: Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania, Korea, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1996, ETKO has started its certification activities having authorization from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and, it has been granted authorization by USDA in 2002. IOAS accreditation covers only textile and cosmetics at the moment. ETKO has been planning to apply for IACB EU equivalent standard for future. ETKO is accredited by IOAS since 2006.

Organic Food and Feed Material

ETKO certifies in compliance with Turkish Organic Farming Regulation and NOP. ETKO accreditations belong to Türkak and USDA.


ETKO has organic textile certification activities for GOTS Global Organic Textile Standards and Textile Exchange OCS Organic Content Standard. Among the products that can be certified by ETKO as organic are food, textile, cosmetic, agricultural production, inputs in textile and food operations, wild collection products, cleaning agents, restaurant and catering services etc.


ETKO has started its control and certification operations having authorization from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also pursuant to “ITU”, Good Manufacturing Practices regulation in 2006 and it has been accredited by TURKAK in 2008.


Furthermore, ETKO, as member of GLOBALGAP organization has been providing training courses in Turkey for GLOBALGAP and translating the GLOBALGAP documentations. Today, as an accredited certifier ETKO certifies several producers and pack houses for Globalgap standards.


ETKO has been arranging training programs open to public regarding the subjects within the scope of certification.

Policy and Objectives

A number of control points are required to verify that the economical aspects, accuracy and rationality of the procedures used by the enterprisings who produce in compliance with national and international standards. On the other hand, an indipendent third party too is required to verify the reliability of the products produced according to the aforesaid standards.

As a result of these requirements, the demand arose for indipendent professional inspection and certification services yet, under the control of official bodies.

Within this scope, the main goal of ETKO as a Turkish company is to be a leading company in this sector.

IMPARTIALITY, OBJECTIVITY, CONFIDENTIALITY and PROFESSIONALISM are the values ETKO bases on while providing services and ETKO undertakes its activities impartially. For the purpose of complying with these values; ETKO prepares professionally the necessary substructure, recruits employees, trains the staff on comprehending and practicing the inspection and certification systems and enables the staff to act in accordance with the core values of ETKO Quality Management System.

ETKO considers the below criterions as the fundamental principles to be able to achieve its mail goal and to maintain it as part of its values:

  • To make a contribution to its potential and current clients providing the up-to-date information and to meet their needs continuously
  • To improve the quality of its services cooperating with national and international competent authorities
  • To provide its clients with certification services nationally and internationally accepted
  • To be consistent to the services provided to its clients
  • To maintain its services pursuant to national and international ethical and professional values
  • To carry out the certification services regardless of any commercial, financial or other constraint factors

The main goal and principals of ETKO are supported with the below aims. These aims are annually tracked and documented:

  • To monitor customer satisfaction
  • To continuously improve customer satisfaction gathering information from sites and obtaining corrective actions
  • To apply the certification programs according to the client demand and to maintain the accreditations
  • To provide continuous training to the technical and administrative staff in order to improve service quality
  • To monitor the performance of the technical and administrative staff
  • To continuously improve the company performance collecting data from sites (customer satisfaction, complaints, etc.)
Statement of Impartiality
The applicable procedure is available on "Etko Documentation" Section of TC Organic, ITU and GlobalGap Programmes.