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Bekboğa TEKS.SAN.TİC Maltepe Mah Davutpaşa Çiftehavuzlar Sok No-10-18 Demirelli San.St.1 Zeytinburnu-İstanbul Nihat Bekboğa
0212 567 93 12
Socks Inadequate number of personnel employ in relation to production 22.08.2019 23.08.2019 GOTS 5.0

COSMOS published enclosed “AUDITING DURING Corona virüs SARS-CoV-2” document.   You can access the document from the attachment

» New Instruction-TI 73 Instruction for Emergency Situation

In our “TI 73 Instruction for Emergency Situation” instruction, the section “ Remote / Virtual Audits” was added, which explains the path to be followed when performing Remote audits.   You can access the standard from the attachment

» TE -V1.0 Guidance Auditing During Cases of Force Majeure

Textile Exchange has published the guide “V1.0 Guidance Auditing During Cases of Force Majeure” regarding the audit process when mandatory. You can access this guide from the attachment of the mail.