GOTS Label Release & OCS Label Approval

This information letter was prepared for the operators and ETKO Staff members to be informed about the update for correct implementation of the labelling requirement. ETKO inspectors will evaluate the label release & approval forms during site inspections and report actual situation of the implementation through Inspection report. 

In all cases the GOTS & OCS labelling can only be applied to the product/packaging by a Certified Entity and must have been approved either by ETKO or buyers/brands certifier in advance of its application

1-ETKO will check label release & approval done by the buyer’s (brands, importers etc..) certifier, during the inspection. In case there is no label release done for those specific products, this is not in line with GOTS requirement 1.4 and OCS H.1 which may cause issuing NC.

2- Labels used by the textile producers or traders for those specific products to be provided with the application pack for TCs as a normal procedure. In cases where the regulation / standard requires specific attention for labelling such as GOTS 1.4 labels applied to the products must have been checked through Label release by ETKO staff members before issuing TCs.

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